50W Single Output UPS function Power Supply SCP-50 series

Short Description:

1.Universal AC input/Full rang

2.Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / battery polarity protections(by fuse)

3.Cooling by free air convection

4.LED indicator for power on

5.No load power consumption<1W

6.Suitable for installation in metallic or non-metallic system enclosure

7.100% full load burn-in test

8.2 years warranty

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The working principle of UPS uninterruptible power supply

The generator can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and the dry battery can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The generator and battery themselves are not charged, and their two poles have positive and negative charges respectively.

Voltage is generated by positive and negative charges (current is formed by the directional movement of charges under the action of voltage), which is inherent in the charge conductor. To generate current, only voltage is required. When the battery poles are connected to the conductors, in order to generate current And when the positive and negative charges are released, when the charge is exhausted, the charge is exhausted (squeezed).

UPS power function function

As computer application systems have higher and higher requirements for power supply, UPS has been paid more and more attention, and has gradually developed into a kind of functions such as voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization, filtering, anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and anti-voltage surfing. Power protection system.

Especially when the line and power supply quality of the power grid is not too high, the anti-interference technology is backward, and the computer system has relatively high requirements for the power supply, the role of UPS becomes more obvious.


50W Single Output UPS function Power Supply SCP-50 series

1. Universal AC input/Full rang

2. Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / battery polarity protections(by fuse)

3. Cooling by free air convection

4. LED indicator for power on

5. No load power consumption<1W

6. Suitable for installation in metallic or non-metallic system enclosure

7. 100% full load burn-in test

8. 2 years warranty


Model SCP-50-12 SCP-50-24
DC Voltage 13.8V 27.6V
Rated Current 3.6A 1.8A
Current Range 0-3.6A 0-1.8A
Rated Power 49.7W 49.7W
Ripple & Noise 120mVp-p 200mVp-p
Voltage Adj. Range +15,-5% +15,-5%
Voltage Tolerance ±2% ±1%
Inlet Stability ±1% ±1%
Load Stability ±2% ±1%
Setup, Rise 500ms,30ms/230VAC  1200ms,30ms/115VAC at full load
Hold Up Time 50ms/230VAC         16ms/115VAC at full load
Voltage Range 85~264VAC   120-370VDC    
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
AC Current 1.1A/115VAC     0.65A/230VAC
Efficiency 81% 85%
Inrush Current Cold-start 45A
Leakage Current <2mA/240VAC
Over Load  4.3A~5.8A rated output power 2.2A~2.9A rated output power
Protection type: hiccup mode,recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
Over Voltage  16.6~19.3V 33.1~38.5V
Protection type: shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Working Temp., Humidity -20℃~+60℃(Refer to output derating curve),20%~90%RH
Storage Temp., Humidity -40℃~+85℃, 10%~95%RH
Temp. Coefficient ±0.03%/℃(0~45℃)
Vibration 10~500Hz,2G 10min,/1cycle,Period for 60min,Each along X.Y.Z axes
Withstand Voltage I/P-O/P: 3KVAC   I/P-FG: 1.5KVAC   O/P-FG: 0.5KVAC
Isolation Resistance I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG: 100M Ohms/500VDC
Safety Standard UL60950-1,CCC,CE
EMC Standard EN55022,CLASS B
Dimension 129*98*38mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight 375.7g
Packing 450g/pc  30pcs/carton
SCP-50-12 (1)
SCP-50-12 (2)
SCP-50-12 (3)
SCP-50-12 (4)
SCP-50-12 (5)
SCP-50-12 (6)
SCP-50-12 (7)
SCP-50-12 (8)
SCP-50-12 (9)
SCP-50-12 (10)
SCP-50-12 (11)
SCP-50-12 (12)

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