LW12-Rotary Switch

Short Description:

LW12 series
Ampere: 16A
Voltage: 220-380VAC
Features: CE CCC ISO9001 certification
300,000 times life span
Operate frequency: 120 times per hour

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Precautions for the installation and use of the rotary switch

1. It is advisable to keep the handle in the horizontal rotation position when installing the rotary switch;

2. Due to the low on-off capability of the rotary switch, it cannot be used to break the fault current. When the motor is used to control the forward and reverse rotation, the reverse connection is not allowed after the motor is completely stopped;

3. When the power factor of the load is low, the capacity of the rotary switch should be reduced, otherwise it will affect the life of the switch; if the power factor of the load is less than 0.5, it is not suitable to use the HZ rotary switch due to the difficulty of extinguishing the arc;

4. There are many ways to connect the rotary switch, and it is necessary to select products of corresponding specifications according to actual needs. It does not have overload and short circuit protection. If the circuit requires the above protection, it should be installed separately at the same time;

5. The operation should not be too ordinary, usually should not exceed 300 times per hour. Otherwise, the mechanical wear of the contact is too fast, and it is easy to leave the metal powder in the contact gap and cause poor insulation.


LW12 apply to change over of circuits,also for control of electrical measuring in struments and control of motors. 

Technical Parameters

Rated insulation current Ui V     500
Rated thermal current ITH A   16  
Rated working voltage Ue V 220   380
Rted working current Le        
AC-15   A 4.6   2.6
DC-13   A 0.27    
DC-3   A     12
DC-4   A     12

Mechnical Life

Mechanical life without load:0.3×106times,operation frequency is 120 times/h. 

Mechanical life with load:AC-150.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 

DC-13 is 0.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 

AC-3 is 0.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 

AC-4 is 0.1×106times operation frequency is 120 times/h.

LW12-Rotary Switch
LW12D (2)
LW12D (3)
LW12D (4)
LW12D (5)
LW12D (6)
LW12D (7)
LW12D (8)
LW12D (9)
LW12D (10)
LW12D (11)

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