OPIM-1500W-Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Short Description:

Inverter convert 12/24V DC into 100-120V/220-240V AC, Only simply plug your inverter into the cigarette lighter socket from the console in your vehicle.

Then get power for your electronic devices such as laptops, DC players, phone chargers etc. USB charging port offers an additional choice for user.

It can charge for digital equipments.

Product Detail

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MSW inverter 1500W modified sine wave is loved by many customer because of its good quality and exquisite design. You can use the DC input to connect it to either battery or solar panel.modified sine inverter, It can stand max 50℃ working temperature, and cooling by fan itself. So its working life is long. When the power is cut off, you can use it as a backup to run your lamp, your computer, your cellphone etc.

LEYU is specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of MSW inverter 1500W modified sine wave. Our great service offers our customers worldwide greater independence in meeting their energy needs.

Product Features

·Small in size , light in weight and potable

·Easy to use and high efficiency

·Green LED for indicates the power on

·Input & output isolation

·Muti-protection function

·USB output port: 5V500mA

·A,B,C,C,D,E,F,G socket optional

·Input and output is isolated modified wave

·THD is below 3% inverter msw

·50HZ or 60HZ output 1500w modified sine wave inverter

·Aluminum case provides durability & max heat dissipation

·Automatic restart function

·Loads can be powered directly from the AC outlets

·Many sockets available

·Numerous protection features

·Modified sine wave output, with strong load capacity and wide application range;

·It has perfect protection functions (overload protection, internal over-temperature protection, output short-circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input over-voltage protection, etc.), which greatly improves the reliability of the product;

·Small size, light weight, internal CPU centralized control, patch technology, making the volume very small and light;

·Intelligent control of the cooling fan, control the working state of the cooling fan with the CPU, greatly extending the service life of the fan, saving energy and improving work efficiency.

Protection Features

·Low voltage protection

·Over voltage protection

·Overload protection

·Over temperature protection

·Short circuit protection

Product parameters

Model OPIM-1.5K-1 OPIM-1.5K-1 OPIM-1.5K-1 OPIM-1.5K-2 OPIM-1.5K-2 OPIM-1.5K-2
Rated power 1500W
Peak power 3000W
Input voltage DC12V DC24V DC48V DC12V DC24V DC48V
Output voltage 100VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC±5% 220VAC or 230VAC or 240VAC±5%
Unload current less than 0.8A 0.5A 0.2A 0.8A 0.5A 0.2A
Output frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output waveform Modified  Sine Wave
USB port 5V 1A
Max.efficiency 90%
Input voltage range 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V
Low voltage alarm 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V
Low voltage protection 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±15V 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±15V
Over voltage protection 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V
Low voltage recover 13±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±1V 13±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±1V
Over voltage recover 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±1V 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±1V
Protection function Low voltage Alarm at first, voltage continously reduce. LED Red light on & shut sown.
Over voltage LED Red light on, shut down
Over load LED Red light on, shut down
Over temperature Alarm at first, tempurature continously rise.LED Red light on & shut sown
Short circuit LED Red light on
Input reverse polarity Fuse burn-out
Working temperature -10°- +50°
Storage temperature -30°- +70°
Dimension(mm) 312x180x78mm
Packing(mm) 360x245x145mm
Net./gross weight(g) 2830/3320g
QTY/Ctn 4 Pcs
Meas./Ctn(mm) 500x405x425mm
Gross weight/Ctn(g) 13480g
Warranty 2 years
Configuration Standard
Cooling method Intelligent air cooling
Note: Our products update constantly.The technical parameter is for reference only.Please refer to our real product

















1) Industrial equipment series: solar energy, wind power generation, gas discharge lamps, etc.;

2) Office equipment: computers, printers, copiers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.;

3) Kitchen appliances: microwave oven, battery oven, refrigerator, etc.;

4) Household electrical equipment: electric fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, lighting fixtures, etc.;

5) Power tools: chainsaw, drilling machine, punching machine, air compressor, etc.

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